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About Us

In the beginning, 1990

Canyoning 1991: our first clients

A brief Hystory

The Adrenalin Center in Cortina d'Ampezzo has been operating in the field of outdoor activities since 1990, offering an extremely varied public the opportunity of supervision by qualified instructors and the use of facilities and equipment that allow you to practise original sports and recreational activities in a safe way.

It was the first centre in Italy to develop canyoning, coining the Italian term torrentismo in 1991, opening itineraries at various levels of difficulty around Cortina and training staff to accompany clients along canyons that had been inaccessible until then.

In the white water environment, the Center also organised, right from the beginning, descents by rafting and river boarding (Hydrospeed), and kayak courses.

In 1990, its opening year, the Center launched Taxi Bob (a descent in a four-person racing bobsled with expert drivers, just as in an actual race) along the Olympic bobsled track in Cortina. We were the only ones to offer this kind of entertainment in Italy until 2006.

In 1991 we coined the term Snow Rafting per proporre una novit? and proposed a new activity worldwide: descents on inflatable rafts along the slope of the Olympic ski-jump (at 100 km/h).

From the summer season of 1995, the Adrenalin Center, first to do so in the world, started offering descents on bobs with wheels, using bobs exclusively designed by the Center.

At the turn of the millennium, guessing that within a few years the sports facilities where the activities took place would close or would no longer be available, the Center decided to create an independent structure, furnishing part of a wood with courses suspended among the trees, of varying kinds and levels, for an activity not yet well-known. That's how the "Cortina Adrenalin Park" was born in 2004, one of the first adventure parks in Italy, with 5 courses and 39 crossings.

Its success with the public encouraged the team to enlarge the park year after year: nowadays there are 15 courses with 140 crossings for a total length of over one kilometre, satisfying every kind of participant from small children, who have a special course of their own, to school-age kids and adults.

Our Staff

First of all, we like to remember that we were a "SECTOR NO LIMITS" official team for over ten years and that we love all kinds of sports, from mountaineering to sailing! But our true passion is extreme kayak, with numerous expeditions even outside Europe.

We are proud to count among our staff Italian champions of luge (single and double) and bob, who played for years in the national team, and to have the title of Italian Rafting Champions.
We also have a Pilates and Cardiolates instructor and a Mountain Bike instructor.

The whole staff is made up of professionals who guarantee maximum safety to participants and to themselves by taking part in qualifying and refresher courses and achieving the necessary licenses, such as: